Why You Shouldn’t Sleep in Your Contacts (and Other Safety Tips)

Anyone who wears contacts has been there. You get home after a long day, you take care of
housework, you eat, and finally, the only thing standing between you and your bed is your
contacts. The absolute last thing you want to do at this point is to use those precious few minutes
to take them out and properly maintain them. And who cares? No one is watching. You’re tired
enough to just close your eyes, fall asleep, and deal with it in the morning. No harm, no foul,


Here’s the Problem with Sleeping with Contact Lenses

Unfortunately, there is harm in neglecting to remove your contacts. Most contacts prevent
oxygen from reaching your cornea properly- something that is important to your overall eye
health. Starving your eye of oxygen for too long can lead to hypoxia in the eye. This causes the
cornea to swell, greatly reducing vision, and can have lasting effects.
Prolonged use of contacts can also result in infections, as bacteria have an easier time hanging
onto the lens without tears to flush them away. Any germs or bacteria on the lens are essentially
pressed into the eye while it’s closed and the state of reduced oxygen makes them even more
susceptible to infection. This can also lead to loss of vision in some cases.

Also, No Swimming or Showering with Contacts

Water harbors a lot of bacteria, and even if it is safe to drink, it doesn’t mean it won’t negatively
affect your eyes. In particular, acanthamoeba can be found in any kind of water and will cause
infections. It is important to clean your contacts with proper contact sanitation liquid.

Other Ways to Keep your Eyes Safe

● Wash your hands thoroughly before putting your contacts in or removing them. Your
hands are usually the first place to harbor bacteria.
● Replace your lens cleaning solution after every use. You could end up introducing
infectious elements to the liquid from your hands, eyes, etc. if you reuse it.
● Have regular checkups with your eye doctor. Your prescription isn’t set in stone and is
subject to change. Along with the benefit of keeping an eye on your prescription, regular
eye exams help detect any serious problems with your eyes early, making treatment
easier and more successful.


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