Cosmetic Surgery in Hinsdale, IL

Cosmetic eye surgery, referred to as oculoplastic surgery, is one of the most common plastic surgeries performed today.  Dr. Larissa K. Ghadiali, our Oculoplastic Specialist, is able to fix functional eye problems and turn back the clock at the same time, allowing for better vision and a more youthful appearance.

There are many different kinds of oculoplastic surgery, including blepharoplasty and Botox, all of which serve a certain purpose. Conditions such as ptosis, ectropion and entropion all require cosmetic eye surgery for treatment.

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Oculoplastic Surgeon in Hinsdale, IL

dr_Ghadiali_colorDr. Larissa K. Ghadiali is a board-certified Ophthalmologist with a special interest in plastic surgery of the eye, BOTOX, Juvederm, and Latisse. Many patients come to see Dr. Ghadiali when they want to look as good, or as young, as they feel but their eyes and upper facial area just won’t cooperate. For many people, full plastic surgery of the face just isn’t an option – due to fear and/or cost. At Hinsdale Eye Center we can help patients accomplish their goal of looking younger by offering several products and procedures designed to let you “put your best face forward“.